10 Tips To Unleashing Your Sexy Side

10 Tips To Unleashing Your Sexy Side…
Typically thanks to Hollywood & of course modern day social media platforms being sexy or having sex appeal is often perceived as only what meets the eye & nothing beyond.
We believe everyone is sexy or has a sexy side. We also believe that everyone has a different version of what they envision as being sexy too. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?. We want to help you awaken your sexiest self from within.
In our 10 tips we are aiming to boost your sexual energy, self-confidence & hopefully assist with you absolutely oozing with sex appeal…
Loving your self & being comfortable in your skin is the sexiest thing in the whole world. Be your unapologetic self & your sexiness will shine through. Embrace your quirks & the things that make you different, these are the things that others find so intriguingly sexy about you.
This may seem so obvious yet you will be surprised at how many people do not give eye contact when they are interacting. We aren’t just talking about with your partner either – By giving everyone you are interacting with your undivided attention by staring directly into their eyes will not only help boost your confidence, it will also show that you are confident & in control, which usually translates to sexy.
Definitely not saying to search every stand up comedian on youtube to steal their jokes. We know that some people just have a natural knack for quick-witted belly laugh jokes & well… It doesn’t always come so natural to others… What is sexy is when you can have a little laugh at the small things & not take yourself or the world around you too seriously. We would say that is a key component to being sexy. Everyone loves someone with a good sense of humor.
So apparently women who do yoga regularly actually feel sexier. Which of course when you feel sexy you look sexy too, it’s a chain reaction.
It makes sense as yoga in itself is also quite a sensual experience. Yoga encourages a stronger mind/body experience. Helps you let go of any ego & tap into your feminine energy. No one wants to be around a stressed out Sally.
Yes, we went down that road… People who masturbate know exactly what they want & how they like to be intimate with someone. Which not only boosts your confidence but turns your sex appeal dial up a few notches too.
Give yourself small challenges daily, giving yourself small goals to complete & actually ticking them off each day will help build your overall confidence. We should all know by now that confidence = sexy so it’s a win/win. Even if it’s just trying a new activity that you’ve never done before, a good little challenge will always help you grow. Plus it will give you exciting new things to talk about…
Living in the moment is sexy as hell, if routine is your religion then maybe schedule yourself some time each week to be spontaneous.
Book a last minute getaway, try a dance class, sunbake at a different beach for a change or hop in the car & go on an unplanned road trip for the day.. Whatever it is, when it’s spontaneous it makes life that little bit extra exciting. Remember those unplanned nights that you ended up making the best memories of you life? Exactly.
Ok so if you are a “Treat them mean, keep them keen” type of person. You need to seriously switch up your tune to something like; “Don’t play hard to get, play hard to forget”. Nothing makes you uglier than being rude to people or acting like you are more superior to anyone else. You of course don’t need to kiss everyone’s a…
Just using basic kindness to everyone you meet is of course respectful & an incredibly attractive quality to have. Treat everyone as if they were a close family member or friend. The waiter, friends, elders, new people you meet.
I am sure you have heard it many times before “Just be yourself”. It is so important to not hold back on letting your authentic side shine through.
You could look like a supermodel, but most people are turned on by eye contact, personality, sense of humor & engaging in stimulating conversation. Real connections are formed from the soul.
This doesn’t mean go out and rake up a hefty credit card bill buying all the material things you see.
Just remember to spoil yourself every now & then with whatever makes you happy & whatever makes you feel sexy. Like booking yourself in for a massage, a facial or perhaps treating yourself to a nice set of new lingerie… I know a brand ;)