3 Major reasons why wearing lingerie is the key to confidence by Dr Lurve

3 major reasons why wearing lingerie is the key to confidence by Dr Lurve 

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When we think of wearing lingerie, we think of how it will affect the person who sees us wearing it, whether it’s a new lover, long time partner or part of our outfit, the intimates have always been associated with someone else seeing it. One of the greatest impacts of wearing lingerie is that it’s basically the most direct way to say ‘I love you’ to yourself without having to say it every day.
You don’t need an excuse to wear lingerie and many women choose to wear their t-shirt bras every day and save the lace for date night, but why do we restrict ourselves to feeling sexy and confident on certain days and not every day?
The power of lingerie is quickly spreading among women and breaking down the stigma that you should have undergarments for 9 to 5 and separate intimates for the weekend.
Still not convinced? Here’s 3 major reasons why wearing lingerie more often will boost your confidence and have you stuffing the plain t-shirt bra into the back of the drawer.

The hidden layer of self love

Let’s face it, your intimates are the first thing you put on in the morning and the last thing you take off at night; why not use your base layers as a self confidence booster? It’s what’s underneath your clothes that counts on this one, simply put on a bra that makes you feel like a million bucks and feel sexier than ever for yourself.
If you’re not sure where to start, try experimenting with different colours, cuts and fabrics to help you find your intimates that help you embrace your body and give you a glow. Not only will you feel fabulous throughout your day, you’ll also feel good for taking a little time to spoil yourself.


We get easily caught up in paying bills on time, making rent and using the leftover money to save or put toward an investment goal. Life seems to be all work and no play, but it simply doesn’t have to be like that! Don’t wait until that special occasion to hopefully get lingerie as a gift from your lover; take charge and be the woman who doesn’t wait for a man to treat her.
You deserve to start feeling good right now, so why wait? By treating yourself to some lingerie, you’re showering yourself with affection for once and will give you a sense of control and strength that only you can make happen. It’s a small act that makes a big difference in your every day, never underestimate the power of good intimates!

What’s your flava?

Every woman is wonderfully unique, she has her own sense of style and taste that doesn’t match the person next to her, and that should be celebrated! If you’re into a sexy transparent bralette or feeling playful in a slip dress, there’s lingerie that suits everyone’s style! Whether you’re wearing a corporate outfit, living it up in a summer dress or running errands in your t-shirt and jeans, you’ll find intimates that work for any outfit all year round.
It’s time to find lingerie that expresses who you are, makes you feel amazing and gives you a sense of power. Enhance your mood every day by sneaking some lingerie into your outfit – give yourself permission to feel like the boss you are and be a woman who’s doing it for herself!