5 Empowering Reasons Why You Should Wear Nice Lingerie

First of all let's get one thing straight, commiting to buy or wear a nice set of lingerie does not mean that you should only do so if they are for a lovers eyes to see.. You deserve to feel like a Queen every single day of your life.. Don't forget it! 
I feel like I can already hear the moaning (not the fun type either);
"Why bother I am the only one who sees it"
"It's not comfortable"
"I only wear nice lingerie on date nights"
"But I'm single"
"My body isn't up to scratch"
"My partner isn't phased" 
I want all excuses aside & for you to imagine consciously making the effort every day to make the slightest change to your daily routine (by switching the granny knickers for the sex on legs option)
We have created a list of 5 EMPOWERING reasons why you should ditch your boring beige seamless or the bra that you have worn so much that the underwire is popping out the side & trade them in for a sexy set (whatever it is that makes you tick) that will encourage you to feel like the power woman you are...
Number 5.
What you wear boosts your confidence.
Many of us only focus so much only on what we wear on the outside, however what you wear underneath is just as important. Even if it is your eyes only that will be viewing your newest lacy little number, what you wear totally affects your mood, your feminine energy which overall boosts your confidence.
Boehm Intimates eldest customer (that we know) of is 93yrs old & she wears her beautiful lace bralette under her daywear to feel confident & beautiful. Wearing nice lingerie helps boosts your confidence & happiness at any age.
Number 4.
Wearing nice lingerie is a form of self care.
Ok so when people think of self care they usually think of eating well, exercising, pampering yourself with treatments, meditating & the list goes on.
Wearing underwear is something that you have to do every day right? Yes, but wearing nice lingerie is also a form of self care. When you love yourself & are happy within yourself it will radiate right through you and others will be drawn to you like a magnet.
Ditch the grannies and choose to claim your feminine power daily by choosing YOU first.
Number 3.
It boosts sex appeal.
When you feel good, you look good. It really does come from within. So when you dress sexy, you feel sexy & guess what you will look sexy to all those around you and will just ooze sex appeal. 
Number 2.
Wearing nice lingerie helps boost intimacy.
Whether you are riding solo or have your loving sidekick in life. Intimacy is important, in fact a healthy intimate life has many benefits - emotionally, physically, intellectually & socially. One of my personal faves - it helps reduce stress & anxiety. Wearing nice lingerie can help get both you and your chosen lover in the mood & not having to focus on changing your undies for the mood is a buzzkill everyone can avoid.
Number 1
You are ready for anything! That includes that spontaneous little sesh you've had on your mind..
Whether you want to have a cheeky spontaneous session with your partner/husband or if you are keen to pounce that guy/gal you've had your eyes on for some time. By wearing nice lingerie you already look good, feel good, have claimed your feminine power, boosted your confidence & while ready to take on the world wearing your nicest private pieces. Wearing nice lingerie is truly an empowering move.

Boehm Intimates lingerie specialises in luxury WIRELESS bralettes made from beautiful stretch fabrics. We wanted to really design something that was going to give our customers maximum comfort yet let them still embrace their femininity.
If you would like to purchase some new people intimates pieces but maybe need help on the sizing or style for your body shape, feel free to email us and we will help you the best we can. We also have a custom lingerie option where we can make your dream set for you from our patterns and fabrics.

Excited for your new chapter of self love.