Christmas gift ideas for girlfriend!

So it is getting close to that time of year again, 
What should I buy my girlfriend or wife for Christmas?
Most of Boehm Intimates customers are actually males buying lingerie for their special ladies. 
Lingerie is always a great idea!!! Sexy new underwear will not only make her feel sensual, confident & happy - it will also benefit you too! 
Women always want to be gifted things like perfume, jewellery & lingerie.. some women also like chocolate as well (if they aren't on health mode)
Why not combine them all in one present..
I would suggest sticking to replenishing her favourite perfume, there is nothing worse than receiving a perfume that isn't "your smell"
Then possibly finding some beautiful earrings, you can never go wrong with a simple small set.
Boehm Intimates lingerie sets are all delivered in a drawstring gift bag which you can open and put the other gifts into and simply put it under the tree or hide it in the cupboard until you exchange gifts..
Our best selling sets are:
Our velvet range - women love the bralettes from this range because if they would like to wear them under a sheer top as well as for the bedroom, they can do so without having to wear any nipple covers or worry about any nip slips.
If you would like to spice it up a notch and your lady isn't afraid of a bit of passion. Our bright fire red lace "Roses Are" Set is the perfect set for her.
Otherwise we have a classic black lace set "Devotion" which also is very classy & timeless. Incredibly flattering and comfortable.
Also remember if you need any help at all you can always email us:
or simply through our contact form
Goodluck with your Christmas shopping!