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Dr Lurve - Top 10 Relationship Tips - Boehm Intimates interviewed this angel, modern day cupid, love & relationship expert...

What a woman!!!

We are crushing hard on this love angel & are pretty sure you will be too after reading through this interview with love and relationship coach and celebrity speaker - Dr Lurve.

We couldn't think of a more beautiful profession, Dr Lurve specalises in helping people navigate the science and metaphysics of relationships. This incredible soul is the modern day cupid helping individuals discover self love, singles ready to find love, and couples ready to make love last forever, she is the singular authority on how to make relationships work.


Below is our interview with Dr Lurve finished with her top 10 relationship tips - 


What made you decide to become a love and relationship coach?

My journey into the relationship space was an organic one. After working in several other areas of psychology, I moved into the love and relationship coaching space. It was a decision I made after discovering that every industry I worked in, the one thing people had in common was relationships. When they experienced challenges and hardship in their relationships it had a direct impact on the rest of their lives. I knew then, this was the place where I was going to have the most impact.


How long have you been love & relationship coaching?

Most my work in love and relationships have been in the therapy room. I started working with a sex therapist in South Australia approximately 5 years ago and have never looked back. I have just more recently moved into the space of coaching and I am loving the impact it has on people’s lives.


What is your favourite coaching story/breakthrough?

 There are several I can think off, but one in particular is of a woman that found herself in a toxic relationship for 20 years. Her self-esteem, self-worth and courage was non-existent. Her belief that she was no longer worthy enough to receive love, that no one would ever love her and that her body was something to be ashamed off.

We worked together on reframing her beliefs, developing an awareness of the truth behind her thoughts and feelings, where they came from and why she believed them to be true. After spending some time examining the family she came from, the early beliefs that were formed about love and connection and her spiraling patterns of toxic relationships. She was able to walk away with a divorce, learn to love her body again and most importantly experience love like she has never felt before. She now experiences life as a whole woman and only allowing those that treat her that way into her life. She believes that she is worth that now!


What is your favourite part about your job?

When you’re a modern day cupid what’s there not to love? I love witnessing people’s lives transform, offering them an opportunity to experience life a different way!


How does it work if we would like to receive coaching from Dr Lurve?

 I don’t do one-on-one sessions anymore. However, I do offer online group coaching programs, workshops and seminars. Keep an eye out for dates posted on social media and the website for all events and group coaching programs in 2019.


Do you have any books, e-books, up and coming events?

 No not currently, this is a work in process. A few books are on the way, still in the planning and development stages. However, I offer Brunch with Dr Lurve, Signature series, workshops, seminars, retreats and couples exclusive coaching packages. More information is available on my website


We asked the expert herself what her top 10 relationship tips were & she kindly shared these with us:

Top 10 Relationship tips -

1. Understand your partners and your own love language

2. Make sure you are aware of your patterns in relationships, both positive and negative

3. Make sure you are ready to be vulnerable in a relationship before you decide to be in one.

4. If you don’t like monogamous relationships make that clear in the beginning of your relationship. Don’t hurt someone unnecessarily.

5. Put your partners needs first. A relationship is about serving each other not just satisfying yourself!

6. If you’re not good at communicating, get some help and learn how. It will be worth the time and effort and save you a lot of heartache down the relationship track.

7. Make time to be intimate, a relationship without sex is just a friendship. You should be best friends with intimate moments.

8. Let go of societal rules! The only rules you should have are the ones you have for yourselves.

9. Be playful... This keeps the spark in the relationship and offers variety. We have plenty of opportunities to be serious in our lives, make some time to be light in your relationships.

10. Travel together. Travelling forces, you to lean on each other and work as a team. It helps you to reconnect and leave the mundane life of routine behind for a short period. Discover new things, experience amazing moments and share the memories when you get back.

Dr Lurve is more than generous with her tips & knowledge, we love following her on instagram where she shares more tips not only on love and relationships but also not forgetting about highlighting spicing up life in the bedroom.

Her instagram is: @dr.lurve