"Eva" bralette co designed by Eva Czarnocka

"Eva" bralette co designed by Eva Czarnocka

Model, Wellbeing Coach

 @evaczarnocka on instagram
Eva Czarnocka - Model & Wellbeing Coach
For anyone who follows Eva or her program Equilibrate Now knows that Eva will always push the limits, stay highly motivated yet do it all at peace with beautiful self. This gorgeous creature modelled Boehm Intimates first collection & to this day we still never get over the images she created. We couldn't imagine not having Eva co-design in our black bralette collection, we know her design will be incredibly sexy yet fashion forward & she will know exactly how to wear it.

See our full interview with Eva Czarnocka below -
See why she chose her design of the "Eva" bralette and how she would recommend you style it.. 


Eva wants to show how you can harness your inner power to awaken your own spiritual, emotional and physical transformation. She always been drawn to arts and creative pursuits. She is a graduate with degrees in Art of New Media and Design as well as a master degree in Psychology. Having spent the past two years modelling, she seeks to harness the exposure that this experience has offered her to share her vision with a wider audience. She began her wellness and inner expansion path by practicing Astana Yoga more than several years ago. She believes that your thoughts create your reality and you are capable of creating anything you want in your life. 

Where do you live?

I have been based in Bali for quite a while, however have been quite the nomad for about 4years now.

Where were you born?

I was born in Warsaw, Poland

What do you do for fun?

Out of body experiences and transpersonal psychology books. Right now resolving the main life lessons and thinking about the sense of existence. The Universe is my main entertainment. This is more fun than any vacay or party and getting to the unphysical core of your being is something next level. Once you start you will never stop.

What do you do for a living?

The design and creation process is something that I have been naturally drawn to since I could remember. I also love writing. People call me Eva, one thousand ideas per hour mind.
Right now I am in the process of changing from my modelling carrier into coaching, fitness and I am also in the process of launching my first bikini brand.
It took me few months to create the pieces cut to perfection; I cannot wait to launch the brand.

Where is your favourite holiday destination?

This is a taught question because I have spent the last few years shooting around almost every possible tropical place. I am spoilt for the tropic and have totally enough! I would say somewhere cold and clean. Northern lights in Iceland or Vipassana retreat in Tibet - amazing.

When you think of the perfect black bralette what comes to mind?

Comfort and function. It should represent practical urban minimalism. 

How would you recommend your black bralette to be styled?

My design speaks by itself.
During the colder days I see it styled with a fluffy cashmere sweater and would picture a pair of vintage Levis shorts for summer!
It gives you confidence because this is the most comfortable bra I have ever worn. Trust me, I am an extremely demanding person when it comes to design and comfort level.
All in all, I recommend styling it with confidence, that’s probably all you need.

Do you prefer to wear the bralette as a fashion item or do you prefer it to be private?

The design I created has many functions at once. It’s totally up to you. You can wear your leather skirt and oversized sweater for the maximum impact. It will also look amazing under the most simple t-shirt. The design is inspired by the consciousness of the day, however it will work in every situation.

When co-designing what inspired you to choose this style and why?

Whenever I create something I never look for inspirations. I just ask myself what do I really want. I was sure there is a huge hole in the lingerie market because usually you have to choose: the bra can be comfy but uhm ugly or super sexy but still you want to take it off after 30 minutes.
I wanted to create something universal for every occasion and every size. I was sure I wanted to feel confident that’s why I mixed comfort with this unique design.

How do you want the women who buy your bralette to feel?

Sublime, dark and sexy.