"Joanna" bralette - co-designed by Joanna Burgess

"Joanna" bralette co-designed by Joanna Burgess

instagram @joanna.m.burgess 

Not only has she got impeccable style for herself, mother of two Joanna Burgess knows how to keep the whole family stylish - not to mention the home as well.
Studying interior design & styling, Joanna Burgess is one of the ladies we go sneak a peek at when we need some inspiration on what to wear, what to put the babies in or even how to keep the home on trend. 
We were very excited to see what design Joanna was picturing in her head at the first design meeting we had.


See our full interview with Joanna Burgess below -
See why she chose her design of the "Joanna" bralette and how she would recommend you style it..

Where do you live?

My family & I are based in Sydney, Australia. A close walk to the beach where we spend most of our time during the warmer months.

Where were you born?

Adelaide, South Australia - A big country city known as the city of churches and also known for its top winery estates.

What do you do for fun?

Spending quality family time with my husband and our babies (Boston aged 18 months & Birdie aged 3 months) is always at the top of my list. Just chilling & having a good laugh all together is the best, you'll find us travelling around on an adventure making new memories or simply running a muck at our local play park or making a splash in the ocean.
I think it is important to switch off and have some adult time too so I love to find new and interesting creative activities to do.. Some of my favourites include candle making classes, pottery lessons, clay making, art sessions - anything that takes my mind elsewhere.
"Life is fun"

What do you do for a living?

I have the best "job" in the world. I am a full time mummy!, I give my full support to my family, husband & his sporting career for the time being. This keeps me pretty busy.
When our babies are older and hubby is retired from sport I will have more time to pursue my interior design passion.

Where is your favourite holiday destination?

While filling out this interview I am currently on the plane to Noosa, Queensland (my 3 month old Birdie snoozing on me). Noosa is one of our go to favourite family destinations, it is also where I lived for a few years after high school & where my husband and I got married so it is quite the special place for us. Being only a 1.5 flight from Sydney it makes it a perfect place to go with our babies.
England will always be a favourite as my husband has family there & it is his home country.
We explored Barcelona last year so I could easily include that as one of my favourite holiday destinations. I loved all the old buildings & history! There are still so many countries to tick off my list before I choose my absolute favourite though.

When you think of the perfect black bralette what comes to mind?

Just what I have designed... The perfect fit, something suitable for both big and smaller busy, simple yet sexy with gorgeous luxe materials. With my design I wanted to go for something that can be worn on show as a fashion piece yet still something just as sexy suitable for private.

How would you recommend your black bralette to be styled?

I have designed my "Joanna" bralette to be worn as a top which is perfect to wear under a blazer or for a more chic casual look I would pair it with high waisted jeans & golden goose sneakers.

Do you prefer to wear the bralette as a fashion item or do you prefer it to be private?

A bit of both.