The perfect gift for your girlfriend or wife!

Buy your girlfriend or wife the perfect gift!
Maybe you really want to impress her, show her how special she is or just simply put a smile on her face.
Intimates, Boehm Intimates!!! 
Our whole website sells wireless bras aka bralettes, which not only means immense comfort for your lady but this also makes your life a trillion times easier when you are buying her a gift online as you can ensure there won't be a wrong wire size purchased.
Not to mention all of the bralettes are fully adjustable to ensure the perfect fit so you cannot really go wrong.
All you need to do is find out whether her top size is a small, medium or large.
The g-strings are all "one size fits most" 6-12 with fully adjustable sides she can either tighten the sides or loosen them.
(This is fabulous for losing weight or gaining weight as they always fit)
Boehm Intimates have had many men buying online for their special lady, we package it nicely in a beautiful drawstring bag and can include a love note if required.

Favourite colour (or yours)
Top size
Now get browsing & get ready to put a smile on her face - and yours...
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