Tips to buying lingerie as a present...

Ok, so..
Lingerie can be the perfect gift for someone but can also go slightly wrong if you haven't done your research right.
Whether it's your bestie, sibling or significant other, you will need to make sure this person actually likes lingerie and doesn't just like wearing basic cottons.
There is nothing worse than spending time, money and effort in purchasing an expensive set of lingerie for someone who really couldn't care less & may end up just sitting at the bottom of the lingerie drawer or worse.. lead the wrong impression.
Once you have established that they like lingerie & are in a comfortable enough relationship with the person to buy them lingerie, you are free to start looking.
If you are wanting to surprise them you may have to do a bit of detective work & take a peek in their lingerie drawer to figure out their sizing & similar styles/colours that they might already like.
Boehm Intimates are great for buying online as all of our bralettes have a small, medium, large sizing chart which can be viewed on the product pages when ordering. All the bralettes are also wireless meaning they are more versatile when it comes to comfort/fit & they are all made from stretch fabric with all the matching g-strings are one size fits most. 
The main tip is to buy something more thoughtful than suggestive. Bralettes are more often than not always a great option to buy as they can double up as a fashion accessory. These days bralettes are worn to be seen, whether it is subtly showing underneath a sheer blouse or even worn as a staple top under a blazer, they are becoming more and more popular to be seen. So you can't go wrong when buying a bralette.
If you want to spoil someone with a matching set, Boehm Intimates orders all come in a complimentary beautifully presented satin gift bag - this means you do not need to go through the trouble of wrapping or gift boxing the set.
If you need any extra help with picking the perfect lingerie gift you can always contact our team from our contact page & we are always more than happy to help you along the way.