TOP 10 DATE IDEAS - Both Fun & Romantic by Boehm Intimates

There is only so many times you can go get dinner and drinks before you fall into a little bit of a dating rut. (... or is there?) Either way if you are needing some inspo for your first or next date night we have picked our top 10 favourites to help you keep it fun..
1. Spontaneous road trip! 
Wake up early, pick a destination within 2-4hrs away & start heading that way together. Book your accommodation & activities whilst you are headed there in the car. Obviously not the person driving, but whoever is in the passenger seat. You'll be surprised at all the great finds you will come across on or expedia. Plus it makes a fab adventure!
2.  Take a sketch or painting class together.
Paint me like one of your French girls - Titanic 
3. Go camping together, or better yet go "Glamping"
Glamping? - the name says it all "Glamourous Camping"  This is perfect because you don't have to do all the difficult (to me boring as hell) set up, yet you can still enjoy a romantic night under the stars with all the other added benefits that come along with immersing yourself in nature . Fresh air, quality time, sexy sleep in.. I'm sure you can think of your own story.. 
4. Two words - Wine tour!
Honestly who doesn't love heading to the vineyards for a boozy day out with your significant other, maybe prebook a nice local restaurant for dinner & accommodation nearby.
Organise the day by pre booking a tour bus, hire a private driver, book bicycles, or a helicopter or choose whichever suitable to you & your significant others style & budget. Maybe to spice it up match your lingerie with your favourite colour wine. Red, White, Pink (Rose).. a little surprise for later..
5. Karaoke 
Not for everyone but show your date you can have some fun and aren't afraid to have a laugh at yourself (or that you’re an amazing singer if you actually are...) 
6. Recreate your first date
If you’re celebrating an anniversary or you’ve been together for a while, why not go back to where it all began.
7. Create your own cocktail bar crawl.
Maybe pick 5 places each (10 in total) & create your own local cocktail venue tour, maybe choose a drink for each other at each venue. It can be easy to just go back to your old reliable spot, but every now and then it's nice to go all out. You might want to pop one of your sexy lacey numbers on underneath your outfit for this date night ;) 
8. Go Skinny Dipping!
Find a secluded (or nudist!) beach, or a private pool and jump in minus the swimmers (just don't forget where you left them!)
9. Book a Mystery Picnic/Date
So let someone else do the hard work for you - we found a website where you can literally book a Mystery date or picnic.
10. Snow Trip! 
Why not head off to the snow for a bit of a ski trip, snuggle up near the open fire with a few wines & see where the night takes you.
Or if our options aren't your "thing". Another idea is that you and your significant other brainstorm some ideas together, write them on small pieces of paper & put them in a jar. When your allocated date night comes you simply pick one of the pieces of paper at random & go on your way.
Happy Dating