Top 5 Sexiest Mens Perfumes 2018 - Drive Her Crazy!

Boehm Intimates top picks for Mens Fragrance, Perfume or Cologne - which ever you choose to call it,
Have you ever walked past someone and then turned around for take two just to see who it was that smelt so incredibly delicious & sexy?
Smells can evoke strong emotional reactions & Boehm Intimates has chosen the perfumes that evoke our senses in more ways than one...
Here are our top 5 mens cologne that drives us absolutely crazy:


Number 5. 

Christian Dior - Sauvage 

Ladies absolutely love this memorable fragrance on men & it will leave them craving to be around you again and again. This is one of those scents that you will be remembered for.

The cologne has done the hard work for you, right?..

Number 4.

Viktor & Rolf - Spice Bomb

Whenever I smell this scent I literally want to follow the person around all day like a puppy dog. I may even be guilty of spraying it on myself a few times just to smell sexy..

I have to say it is literally one of the sexiest mens colognes I have ever smelt. With a unique combination of spice, this scent leaves a lasting impression.

Number 3.

Le Labo - Santal 33

This NYC unisex fragrance is super unique & will leave you wanting more.

I have smelt it on both men & women and found myself having an instant fragrance crush on them & find myself just wanting to be close to them at all times. I loved smelling it so much I decided to make it "my smell". 


Number 2.

YSL - La Nuit D L'Homme

This cologne is a mix of sugar and spice & everything nice.. This intoxicating fragrance is incredibly masculine & brings meaning to the word "sexy".

It would be my number one but...

Number 1.

Le Labo - Noir

Clearly a HUGE fan of the Le Labo fragrance range, I don't think my man has ever heard me give him so many compliments about the way he has smelt until he bought this fragrance, I literally picture giving his shirt a superman rip down the front just to smell more of it..