"Wedding dress Lingerie" made from wedding dress alterations by Boehm Intimates

For those who have had their wedding dress made or had to get alterations done they would know the slight pain you go through when having to chuck out the gorgeous pieces of cut off fabric known as salvage away.
While doing so, possibly a quick thought of wondering what you could use the fabric for goes through your mind, even if it doesn't we have the perfect solution for you.
Previously before launching Boehm Intimates, Myself - Tessa Boehm (Director) ran a personalised robes business for three years specalising in the bridal industry.
The robes were great gifts for the bride they even made great gifts from the bride to the bridesmaids - these were used as wrap around robes commonly worn when the bride and bridesmaids would be having their hair and makeup done on the special day. 
They also made a sweet momento to keep for life. I absolutely loved the reaction from all my brides and bridesmaids from creating something personalised and memorable.
Working in the bridal industry is such a rewarding industry & combines well with my obsession with love. Even though I loved working in the bridal industry I was selling personalised robes & what I really wanted to be doing was creating incredible bridal lingerie - a one off piece of treasure. Something so unique and special not only for the bride but for the groom as well.
After launching Boehm Intimates in May 2017, having a year of success with my bralettes (bras without wires) & intimates collections I introduced my "Boehm Intimates Bridal" collection.
I then managed to launch my idea the "wedding dress lingerie service". Which was so perfect it meant I could swoop back in to the bridal industry & create some gorgeous lingerie for brides.

The wedding dress lingerie service had actually been an idea long before I even launched Boehm Intimates so I am so grateful to have made it come to life.
Having a large group of girlfriends, I have been lucky enough to of had plenty of experience in making each and everyone of them who are married a special set for their special day or honeymoons & anniversaries. (for the record the ones who aren't married also always get a special something on their birthday too haha).
Each and every piece of lingerie from Boehm Intimates is handmade by myself in Sydney, Australia. Over the years I have handmade thousands of pieces of lingerie and am forever passionate about what I do. Every single piece is made with mountains of love.
A simple bralette and g-string set from my collections can take me 1.5-2hrs to make from complete scratch.
However when I am designing and creating bridal lingerie it takes a lot longer as I go through the planning and design process from complete  scratch for every individual set.
Depending on the fabrics and salvage pieces I am given & all the other factors including the look of the wedding dress, it can take me a little while longer to decide how I am going to design the set.
A lot of work goes into creating these sets, here is my process:
- Email confirmation on order & receive all requested information
- Bride or Bridesmaids send the fabric to Boehm Intimates.
- Fabric is received along with picture of the Bride in her wedding dress by email (for reference), I then plan how I would like to structure the base and what materials I would like to use. 
- Head to fabric supplier to buy supplies for the base of the set
- Pattern making
- Fabric is cut out
- Sewing, Sewing & more Sewing
- Hand sewing beaded decor or delicate lace 
- Finish garter if requested
- Tag & package in our drawstring bags

- Ship off to our Bride or Bridesmaid who ordered on behalf of the bride to be
$395 - custom wedding dress lingerie package
           bralette & g-string
           Boehm Intimates drawstring bag
Extras +
$25 -  add "something blue" (something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue)
$55 - custom garter to match
$55 - express order (3-4 days) otherwise please allow orders to take up to 14 business days.
If you would like more information on the bridal lingerie service feel free to contact me directly by filling in our contact form.

If you would like to go ahead and make an order you can do this by ordering from our bridal section of the website and selecting "wedding dress lingerie service"

I absolutely love waking up to emails from customers so please do not hesitate with anything at all,
Thank you for reading my blog post, 

Much Love,
Tessa Boehm,