what is a bralette?

What is a bralette?

bralette is a bra without wires or molded cups, think on par to a sports bra, but without the intensity to hold you in. They have thin or lacy straps like a regular bra, and provide a reasonable amount of support for small to average busted women.
How do I wear a bralette?

Wear a bralette over a shirt or under a sheer shirt for a contemporary, smart casual appearance. For a daring outfit, simply wear a bralette under a jacket. To wear a bralette in a comfortable and casual way, pair it with a lightweight or low-neck knitted jumper. some more ways you can wear a bralette are:

Overalls. For a relaxed, but stylish look, pair lace bralettes with denim overalls.
Sheer. Sheer tops are the perfect pieces to show off your bralettes
Open Side Tanks.
Maxi Skirt.
Low Cut
White Shirt.
Can I wear a bralette as a top?

Another way to wear bralettes is under a loose tank top or a sheer shirt. It's a fun, pretty way to show off some skin without leaving a “regular” bra fully visible. If you're feeling more bold, you can wear a bralette the same way you would wear a crop top.
How do I choose a bralette to suit me?
Boehm Intimates entire range are bralettes designed to suit different styles and moods. Simply search our "bralettes" section and no doubt you will find the perfect one to suit you. Our best sellers are by far our "pinot noir" deep red and "she royale" navy blue velvet bralettes coming right after those is our leopard print and mesh styles.