What lingerie to wear on your first date?

What lingerie to wear on a first date?

Ok so you have a date planned, just taking a wild guess here in saying it probably isn't your first rodeo either?.. unless you are brand spanking new (wow I remember those days, anyway still read on)

By this stage you might have experienced at least a small taste of heartbreak, someone who gives you the tingles (good and bad), a few nice ones, a few awkward encounters, a few little slip ups with the ex, the fun ones that unfortunately just weren't relationship material, sprinkle in a few more duds & that right there is your recipe for no one special enough to make the cut to this chapter of your life..

Not saying I am cupid over here but what I do know is that I can help you along with making a lasting first impression if your date comes to a certain romantic ending ;)

Even if it "isn't your thing" to go there on the first date, (I too always say that when I am sober), you turn into your more sexy self once you end up having 1 too many cocktails at dinner, next thing you know its 1am & you are dancing in the closest bar, downing tequila or in my case absinthe shots & end up inviting them back to your house.. just me? (lies)
Well that was how my fiance made it back on our first date.. (romantic...) anyway thank gosh I traded my granny knickers for my black lacey Boehm Intimates set that night.
When it is "the one" nothing should scare them off but c'mon let's make the effort to put in the effort, you can go back to comfy cottons once you lock them in... 
Also imagine they aren't the one, you go there.. Of course you want to leave them thinking about your incredible personality but how much better to leave them thinking about your excellent taste in lingerie..

Play hard to forget, not hard to get. - Always

First dates are such special things: the uncertainty, the excitement, the day-dreaming. Is this person going to be ‘the one’, or ‘just one of those ones’? Is this going to be a funny joke later when hitting up the gals thread tomorrow, or – and you never quite know – the date you look back on as the evening your love journey began. 

Ok, so let's get down to business -

Your first date underwear whether it is revealed or not, it should be a statement of you!

If you want to go feminine yet sexy I would suggest one of our light coloured sets like our white soft lace "Adios" set or our light blue "Something Blue" floral lace crop set.
To go feminine but add something a little extra our "All That Glitters" set is a sexy go to.. The stretch lace has a gold shimmer through it & is incredibly eye catching. - (The pictures just don't give it the justice it deserves)

If you want to try "classic sexy" I would suggest choosing a black lace set that is flattering to your outfit & your body shape.
We have many options in black styles however "Devotion Crop" has to be one of my personal favourites for everyone!
The detailed lace is a soft stretch lace so not only does it look incredible but it won't leave you feeling uncomfortable.

Feeling like you want to go a little bold.. want to stand out without looking like you were planning on showing off your knickers, maybe try one of our signature velvet sets..
We have all the classic colours - navy blue, burgundy & turquoise. They are simple yet super sexy & won't date with the trends.

Or if you would like to unleash your wild side a little we have an entire collection dedicated to leopard print. Designed to mix match you can buy two bralettes & one g-string or vice versa, get more value for your money.
Our leopard range has a style to suit everyone's style.

Oh & of course... RED!
Red is a colour of passion and romance, if you want to really stand out our "Roses Are" set will definitely help with getting things heated.

I handmake all the lingerie I sell on Boehm Intimates & each set takes me 1.5hrs to make from scratch, hopefully the set you choose can give you memories to last a life time. 
If you need help with sizing feel free to reach out to me via email.

Until next time,
Happy Dating! 


Tessa Boehm
Director & Designer Boehm Intimates