Women Crush Wednesday Series x Sophie Guidolin


#WCW meaning –
means “Women Crush Wednesday”.
Used commonly on social networking forums to pay a sort of tribute to the women you are inspired/ impressed with.
Boehm Intimates have created our very own #wcw series and we would like to start it off with Australian health & fitness Queen – Sophie Guidolin.
We had the pleasure of a quick interview with Sophie & getting to know a different side to her. Not asking the usual questions she would receive or facts she would be revealing to her followers - like her secret love for “dad bods” or opening up about her sweet sentimental side.
Sophie is one inspirational power women! Not only is she an author of 8 health books, a personal trainer/nutritionist, fitness model champion & founder of fitness program/app “The Bod” but she is also a mother of 4.
Just personally – sticking to a healthy grocery shop & heading to the gym a minimum of two days a week is hard enough in my world - Sophie seems to juggle all of the above & inspiring thousands around the globe whilst doing so. Inspiring them to be the best versions of themselves - How can we not be girl crushing on her?…

Here is our interview with Soph: (we are pretty confident we won’t be the only ones choosing her for our #wcw)
What makes you feel the most sexy/confident?
Superficially, I feel most confident after a tan – but I think confidence comes from within. I love feeling sexy, usually when I feel appreciated. My love language is gratitude <3 I will do (almost!) anything for anyone, if they don't expect it and appreciate it!
What are you most attracted to in a significant other?
Masculinity. I like someone who can push me into my feminine side. Someone who can fix things & is a “doer” Physically I secretly love dad bods..
What is your idea of a perfect date?
Adventures! I love action filled days, snowboarding, snorkeling, hiking, exploring. I get bored easily. I like to get moving, exploring, travelling and eating! 
What is the most romantic thing you have ever done for someone?
I got a deck of cards and printed off 52 things I loved about that person and made it into a little swing book.
What is your lingerie colour preference?
Black or Red
What is your go to exercise for making sure you are confident in lingerie?
Squats or hip thrusts! A perky booty in a lace thong – drool!
Thank you Sophie for the interview, we couldn’t have asked for a better women to start our series with..

We have picked some of our favourite red & black Boehm Intimates sets below.. 
Instagram: @sophie_guidolin