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Women Crush Wednesday x Cuckou

#WCW –
means “Women Crush Wednesday”.
Used commonly on social networking forums to pay a sort of tribute to the women you are inspired/ impressed with.
Boehm Intimates have created our very own #wcw series of women who are truly inspiring & empowering. We would love to make today's #wcw Amsterdam based model & lingerie blogger - Cuckou
Wednesday 11th December - Cuckou

We had the pleasure of interviewing Cuckou asking her the Boehm Intimates #wcw questions, asking about her romantic side, what makes her most confident & a few other quick facts.
Instagram @cuckou
Here is our interview - 

What makes you feel the most sexy/confident?
My instant confidence boost is getting loose and dancing wildly in front of the mirror while wearing lacy lingerie. Which is so much fun! I always have alot of sex appeal when being my most authentic self and feeling comfortable in my own skin. You are always attractive when you truly do you.

What are you most attracted to in your significant other?
Having a vision and going for it is something that's super attractive for me. I'm also a person that is crystal clear with what I want and growing together with the same set of personal values is an absolute amazing experience.

What is your idea of a perfect date?
When I meet someone for the first time it will probably be in the morning. The atmosphere is just so different. Fresh & innocent. No "what's going to happen afterwards?". The day just starts so much more positive. I love to do anything that involves personal interaction and gives you a chance to laugh together and it can be as simple as going to have a coffee together.

What is the most romantic thing someone has ever done for you?
Someone flew overseas to surprise me with a visit.

What is your colour preference for lingerie?
My all time favourite is white but I also do love a softened minty blue.
Instagram: @cuckou