Women Crush Wednesday x Elle Ferguson



#WCW –
means “Women Crush Wednesday”.
Used commonly on social networking forums to pay a sort of tribute to the women you are inspired/ impressed with.
Boehm Intimates #wcw series is a series of women who are truly inspiring & empowering.
We would love to kick the first day of 2020 off with no other than Elle Ferguson
Wednesday 1st January 2020 - Elle Ferguson

We've chosen Elle as our very first #wcw of 2020, Elle is a digital based entrepreneur, first known on the scene from her fashion & lifestyle blog They All Hate Us.
Over a decade of success from the blog Elle moved onto many other achievements.
The highly successful fashion influencer, digital entrepreneur, model, & beauty brand founder has also been named Cosmopolitan Woman Of The Year/Fashion Social Media.
Her beauty brand - The Elle Effect is a vegan friendly bronze self tanning solution that will make you blend in perfectly to the bodies at Bondi Beach peak summer! 
You can also shop her style via her website elleeffect.com

We love following Elle & her success is incredibly inspiring - we cannot wait to follow her journey & see what is in store for Twenty Twenty.

Instagram @elle_ferguson

Here is our interview - 

What makes you feel the most sexy/confident?
A fresh coat of Elle Effect tanning mousse.

What are you most attracted to in your significant other?

What is your idea of a perfect date?
Honestly take out and a good movie.. or a wild night out in LA

What is the most romantic thing someone has ever done for you?
When Joel proposed to me.. It was one of the most romantic moments of my life.

What is your colour preference for lingerie?
Depends... Back or White
Quick ones - 

Your scent? 
Dior Joy

Your season? (summer, autumn, winter, spring)
Summer in Australia, Winter in New York

Your favourite holiday location?
Atlantic Byron Bay

Your most desired scent on a significant other?
Le Labo Noir

Your poison of choice?
Diet coke