Women Crush Wednesday x Jessica Roche


#WCW – 
means “Women Crush Wednesday”. 
Used commonly on social networking forums to pay a sort of tribute to the women you are inspired/ impressed with.
Boehm Intimates have created our very own #wcw series of women who are truly inspiring & empowering. We would love to make today's #wcw Australian blonde bombshell Jessica Roche.
Wednesday 13th November - Jessica Roche

One of our favourite edgy Australian instagram models, also a psychology student. In an interview with express digest Jessica keeps her  incredible figure fit & healthy by trying her best to exercise five times per week - go to work outs being boxing, reformer pilates & running. We absolutely love following this gorgeous babe.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Jessica asking her the Boehm Intimates #wcw questions, asking about her romantic side, what makes her most confident & a few other quick facts.

Instagram @jessicajroche

Here is our interview with Jessica - 
What makes you feel the most sexy/confident?

Definitely when I am feeling the most myself! The times where I usually have minimal makeup on and am wearing a comfy vintage leather jacket or some denim always makes me feel great. I also love a shoe that gives me a bit of extra height.
What are you most attracted to in your significant other?

Cam has the best sense of humor and he has such a kind, loyal and beautiful heart. He is also extremely passionate and hard working in every aspect of his life which I find so attractive and inspiring.

What is your idea of a perfect date?
 My perfect date involves delicious food, great conversation, music and definitely a few drinks. I am also a sucker for the small things in life so anything that requires a little bit of thought makes me melt too.
What is the most romantic thing someone has ever done for you?
Definitely my partner picking up his life in Melbourne and moving here to the Gold Coast to be with me, one lucky girl! Also our sporadic decision last year to book a trip to Europe six weeks out were we spent a month holidaying through the Amalfi Coast, Rome, Paris, London and Morocco.

What is your colour preference for lingerie?
Black… so timeless and classy. Otherwise a beautiful cream or ivory tone in more of a vintage style.
 Quick ones:
1. Your scent? Paco Rabanne Pure XS For Her

2. Your season? Summer
3. Your favourite holiday location? Amalfi Coast
4. Your most desired scent on a significant other?
Something unique and alluring
5. Your poison of choice?

Instagram: @jessicajroche