Words From Me - Tessa Boehm | By Boehm Founder xx

Let me reintroduce myself!

For those who don't know me my name is Tessa Boehm. I am the founder & basically one woman show for Australian intimates label By Boehm. From designing, hand making & packing the orders myself; to the long list of everything in between.. Like every small business owner I wear the hats of many roles, some roles I didn't even know existed until they needed to. When I say that I created By Boehm from scratch I literally mean from scratch.. It's my baby & one thing I am proud of. I somehow even managed to build my own website when I don't even know how to load Microsoft word onto my new laptop.. It has been a journey of constant learning.. With determination + passion you can do anything. This year my plan is to give all my focus to my nurturing my brand in every single way & I have some real exciting projects in store which I cannot wait to share with you all & I hope to make you all proud.

For those who do know me it's been a little while & I am not sure that I have ever properly introduced myself on a more personal level which is something I plan to do more of from now on. I am the gal that makes your lingerie & there is so much more behind each collection than just a sewing machine & fabric... SO MUCH MORE...

Well who am I? Me in a nutshell - 
I am originally from little old Adelaide. When asked what my favourite quality about myself is I would hands down say my huge heart!! I love hard & am incredibly passionate about everything I do & also everyone I love.. Sometimes I love probably a little too hard for my own good haha!

I know I am not perfect and am learning to embrace these parts of me in a positive way. Most of the time my emails probably have spelling mistakes in them, because most of the time I get too excited and write too fast without checking over.. (Sorry) I feel like done is better than perfect! I used to always try be perfect but then it would never get done! 
As I get older I have found that I am so much more sensitive I literally cry when I see others cry or when others struggle... Happy tears when someone does something beautiful or when I tell my friends how much they mean to me.. I am the worst when in a sad movie or at the airport watching people say goodbye to each other..(not that I have been to an airport in a while) 
I usually never say no to being around great company & barely ever turn down the chance to have a fun time or try something new. Whether it's quad bikes or pottery class I will 100% be there... "Try everything at least once right?"
One minute I am the most shy/awkward person in the world, I am the girl that will trip UP the stairs... who even trips UP stairs? & the next I am the total opposite taking on the world. I am a balance of half introvert & half extrovert..Love to be social but needs to recharge my batteries.. My energy can be so chaotic that I need to have multiple projects on at the same time otherwise I am bored. I love coastal walks & dancing the night away usually to old school rnb tunes.. Love an occasional friendly game of poker & just any random activities to spice up life in general.  
My close girlfriends mean the absolute world to me they are the reason I know what 'love' is.. I cherish them more than they would ever know. They inspire me every day & make my heart beat a little faster.. I don't know where I would be without them. Got lucky there! (Aww all the feels)
I love astrology and believe in the universe always sending me signs throughout life.. I wish at times I paid more attention to them though as I feel like I need to literally run into a brick wall before realising some things need to stop... I love learning & reading books about self development & human behaviour most of the time to figure out my patterns/questionable past life decisions. I am on a bit of a self dev and self love journey at the moment & absolutely loving it.. I most likely will share more about this in future blog posts + emails on the subscriber list. Some real "uh huh" moments... Love a Margi or French bubbly as my drink of choice or almond flat white almost daily. I admit I am the girl who will eat the entire cheese platter if you let me.. especially truffle brie or sniff out your chocolate stash & not have any self control over eating all of it.. I LOVE seeing peoples eyes light up with a twinkle in their eye when they talk about something they love. Most of all I really love when people are happy, that makes me the happiest woman alive... Even if a stranger is hurt or sad I feel their pain physically.. I have gone through so many different phases/chapters in my life, I can barely keep up with them all! The one thing that has always been consistent is my love for lingerie & wanting to start my own brand which empowers women... So thank you for allowing me this space to follow my passion & express myself in this way.. You're probably wondering why I just wrote an essay about myself? haha I really just want you to get to know me on a more personal level. Put a face to the name so they say..

I absolutely LOVE what I do & am forever thankful to my beautiful subscribers, followers & customers who have shown & continue to show their support towards my brand. Valentine's Day is always a fun time of year for me because I get quite busy with orders & this gives me the motivation I need to be more driven. So thank you!

Every single purchase that comes through my website pops up on my phone with a ding sound & it literally lights up my day. I usually then rush to the cutting table to make your lingerie if it isn't already made which usually is a slim chance (working on this) - just so I can get your order to you as soon as possible. It takes me 2 hours to make a 2 piece set from scratch but months of planning to come up with the collection & design. When you purchase from By Boehm you are supporting a small Australian business & I am super grateful. - Thank you!

Every single set of lingerie that I have handmade throughout the years I have handmade with all the love in my heart. Throughout the rollercoaster that life can be, designing & creating beautiful feminine products for my brand to share with the world has always has been where I turn to when I want to emerge myself in a state of calm & happiness. I am not sure if you have noticed but I have always expressed life experiences through my lingerie collections. My whole heart, soul & spirit goes into my work. This year I am branching out a little bit more. You may have noticed I have released a perfume line... I will be moving the brand more towards lingerie & 'feminine things'. As my Valentine's Day gift boxes went extremely well I will be making this a more permanent things too which will be perfect for bridal, birthday, anniversary ect!!! Which is super exciting! Also incorporating jewellery, pjs & eventually swimwear.

It's funny really, when I think of what inspired me. I remember when I was younger the feeling I would get when I would spend my entire after school jobs weekly wage on a cute lacey lingerie set.
I knew that I wasn't going to show it off to anyone (well maybe... my high school sweetheart of 10yrs) but it was the way it made me feel that was memorable. That feeling right there is what inspired me to create a lingerie line where my 'why' has always been to empower women.

My family were very sports focused - to the point both my parents were our sport coaches!!! You learn real quick what "tough love" is when your parents are your coach that's for sure..
All I wanted to do was to ditch the sports bra & huge "bum huggers" aka netball knickers for something that was going to make me feel feminine. I was too shy to dress sexy on the outside so I kind of kept this part of me sacred.. When I was real young anyway.. That changed a bit in my mid 20's.. haha

By Boehm has always been inspired by female empowerment, igniting your inner sensual side & embracing self-love/also shared love. Female empowerment has always been the number 1 goal when launching my brand. 

My aim has and always will be to encourage women from around the globe to feel confident about stepping into their feminine power/energy through lingerie & feminine products.

Anyway I just wanted to introduce myself properly & give a little update on what this year looks like.. I absolutely love seeing all your posts on instagram, seeing your messages or emails come through & love when you reach out to me. 

I am always here if you need to ask any questions in regards to the products or if you have any feedback at all both positive or negative.. I love all the feedback!

I am out here just trying my best but sometimes forget things so feel free to reach out even if you just want to say hey!! :) 

Thank you,
Lots of love,
Tessa xxxxxx