Evolve Collection

Collection Inspiration: The name says it all... This collection is inspired by evolving. Glowing up not just growing up. Having that lightbulb moment when it comes to your life direction, possibly in a transition phase & finding peace within your journey.. 

I have completely handmade this collection as I wanted it to be real special..

My brand has always been my baby & no matter what I go through or grow through in life By Boehm is the one thing that makes me feel at peace when things aren't always peaceful. Every single one of my collections has a story or is inspired by life experiences. This is my art & my way of expressing myself. I am in full evolve mode & want nothing more than to inspire you to be too..

Every piece is made with so much love, it takes me 2hrs to create each one of these sets from scratch.

- Tessa/Founder

This collection will only be sold as a bralette or a set. When you click into each product you will be able to choose your option

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